When Sergio arrives in Ljubljana to give a lecture on Narcissus, the first thing he does after checking in to his hotel room is to get on an app and look for someone to have sex with. A few hours later, once Igor has come and gone, Sergio spots a dark brown stain on the floor. Looking closer, he sees that it’s a blood stain. And looking around, he discovers more and more blood stains all over the room. 


As he begins to investigate, he gets drawn deeper and deeper into a dark murky world of desire, infatuation and murder.


Perfect material for the new play he’s trying to write - if he can get out of Ljubljana alive.

Award winning director and translator Daniel Goldman returns to the London stage to reunite with Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco following their smash-hit Thebes Land (Off-West-End Best Production 2018, Arcola Theatre).

Praise for Sergio Blanco's Thebes Land 

★★★★ "A slippery, engagingly treacherous piece... always deceptive in a witty, unexpected show that boasts blistering performances in a beautifully calibrated production by Daniel Goldman, who also supplies the translation." Lyn Gardner, Guardian 


★★★★ "Blanco delights in remaking the rules of storytelling and then breaking them, and as the truth feels increasingly precarious the confusion is enjoyable.... This ingenious two-hander remakes the rules of storytelling then breaks them!" Henry Hitchens, Evening Standard 


★★★★ "Sergio Blanco’s Thebes Land, a dark, slippery Latin American import about a damaged young patricide and the curious writer determined to tell his story... Morbidly fascinating, delectably sophisticated two-hander is a rare treat!" Fergus Moran, The Stage 


★★★★ "Think Netflix's Making a Murderer or This American Life's Serial. Thebes Land takes aim at the form and shows - bit by bit, drip drip drip - how art gets in the way of the truth. It corrodes and mutates reality. It manipulates and corrupts..." Matt Trueman, What's On Stage 


"Thebes Land is an exceptional exploration of performance itself. Exhilarating, moving, and slick, the piece outgrows its theatrical space and defines it. A real highlight of this year’s theatre." Brendan MacDonald, Exeunt


Creative Team:

Sam Crane - Performer

Sergio Blanco - Playwright

Daniel Goldman - Director and Translator

Natalie Johnson - Set and Costume Designer 

Richard Williamson - Lighting Designer

Nic Connaughton - Producer

Nadine Rennie CGD - Casting Director