Tangram Theatre Company was formed by Daniel Goldman, Johan Westergren, John Hinton, Omar Elerian and Sibusiso Khambule, all graduating students at École Jacques Lecoq in Paris. The company was then officially founded by Daniel Goldman in London in 2006 where it is now based. 


Over the past 12 years, Tangram has created 15 critically acclaimed shows and performed to over 70,000 audience members in over two hundred venues across the UK, Europe and the world.


Our shows 


2006: 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane

2006: Crunch! by Daniel Goldman & Company 


2007: Richard III by William Shakespeare


2008: F**ked by Penelope Skinner


2009: Almost 10 by Raphaele Moussafir


2009: Art House by Rachael Coopes


2009: The Origin of Species... by John Hinton


2010: Fuente Ovejuna by Lope de Vega / Daniel Goldman


2013: Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking by John Hinton


2014: The Dragon by Yvgeny Schwartz / Daniel Goldman


2015: The Element in the Room by John Hinton


2016: Team Viking by James Rowland


2017: A Hundred Different Words for Love by James Rowland


2018: Revelations by James Rowland

2018: Bicycles and Fish by Katie Arnstein

What's in a name

A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle comprised of seven geometrical shapes (five triangles, a parallelogram and a square) that can be put together to form a perfect square or be reconfigured to make an infinite number of new shapes. As Tangram Theatre Company, we approach every project as an opportunity to bring different people and ideas into the same space and explore the infinite possibilities that such a coming together invites.

What we do


We try to make theatre that is surprising, irreverent and life affirming and work in a way that is open, collaborative, physical and fun. We work with new plays, reimagine classic texts and create devised work, always letting the content determine the storytelling form we adopt.


As storytellers, we want to talk about the world we live in. As idealists, we believe that theatre can make the world a better place. As people, we want to make real connections with audiences and other artists. As a result, we're interested in work that breaks the fourth wall and actively engages our audiences.


Tangram Collaborators


Aisha Kossoko, Alan Caig Wilson, Alex Brenner,

Alex Britton, Alex Silverman, Alvaro Moliner,

Andrew David, Andy Dickinson, Angie Peña Arenas,

Anna Watson, Anthony Best, Becci Gemmell,

Becky Kirk, Bradley Fehler, Carolina Ortega,

Caroline Horton, Caroline Kilpatrick, Charlotte Workman, Clara Onyemere, Clare Betney, Daniel Goldman, Donnacadh O’Briain, Ed Jaspers, Efi Dementi,

Emily Randall, Felix Andrew, Gehane Strehler,

Geoff Breton, Gustaf Arlestig, Hannah Boyde,

Hannah Houston, Hugh Wilbourne, James Marshall,

James Rowland, Jehan Manekshaw, Jo Eagle,

Jo Hartland, Johan Westergren, John Hinton,

John Lightbody, Johnny Vivash, Jolie Booth,

Jotham Annan, Justin Butcher, Katherine Rodden,

Katie Arnstein, Kirsten Turner, Lachlan McCall,

Lawrence Stromski, Liane Escorza, Leon Scott,

Lora Krasteva, Margaret Krawecka, Martin Aukland,

Naomi Dawson, Neil Connolly, Pola Anton,

Penelope Skinner, Peter Stickney, Rachael Coopes,

Rachel Dale, Radhika Aggarwal, Raphaele Moussafir, Rebecca Pownall, Rhiannon Harper, Richard Cunningham, Rob Witcomb, Roberto Cavazos, Rosie Collins,

Sara Lewerth, Sian Goff, Sion Tudor Owen,

Sophie Mosberger, Stella Taylor, Tessa Nicholson,

Tom Armstrong, Tracey Anne-Liles, Troels Hagen Findsen, Valerie O’Connor, Zev Caplan, Zoot Lynam